CSG Consulting recently compiled key information on GoHealth Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOCO) 3rd Quarter Financial results.

One of the key metrics reported by GoHealth on a quarterly basis is constrained Lifetime Value (“LTV”) per approved policy. LTV is the estimated amount of commissions the company expects to receive over the life of the policy, per approved policy.


*Estimated based on year-end results

GoHealth’s LTV decreased for both their Medicare Advantage (“MA”) and Medicare Supplement (“MS”) lines, and remained level for Prescription Drug Plans (“PDP”) when compared to the same quarter last year.


GoHealth’s commentary on LTV mentions some of the reasons for the changes in LTV. They mention that the decrease in Medicare Advantage LTV “was primarily driven by carrier and consumer mix, as well as unfavorable effectuation and persistency trends”, while the decrease in Medicare Supplement LTV “was primarily due to changes in carrier mix.”

Another key metric reported by GoHealth is approved policy counts (for commissionable policies). Overall approved policy counts increased 97% when compared to the same quarter last year.


Growth in approved policy counts continues to be driven by Medicare Advantage.


Source data: GoHealth Inc.’s quarterly Form 10-Q (https://investors.gohealth.com/financial-information/quarterly-results)

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