Industry Lapse and Persistency Reports

These lapse reports provide the insurance industry with annual voluntary lapse rates and persistency curves that can be used in projecting insurance policies. Along with detailing the lapse rates and persistency curves, the report also provides background information and expected seasonality patterns of the lapse rates.

Our actuaries use these lapse and persistency curves when helping our clients with the following activities.

  • Pricing new products
  • Rate Increase Filings
  • Gross Premium Valuations
  • Commission Cash Flow Projections
  • ASC 606 Revenue Recognition
  • Benchmarking blocks of business against the industry

Whether you are an insurance carrier developing new products, an insurance agency calculating the lifetime value of commissions, or some other insurance professional looking for insight into lapse and persistency curves, you will gain valuable insight with our Industry Lapse and Persistency reports.

We have reports for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, PDP, Dental and more!